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Installation Services

Countertop Installation Services in Shelby

Township, Michigan

There’s No Need to Endanger Yourself

Stonework is heavy. Transporting it from one location to another can be difficult enough. Factor in the tight twists and turns of a modern home and the risks start to pile up. Can you really fit a full countertop down a hallway or up a flight of stairs? What if you drop it? What if you hit the walls?
In our nearly three decades of service, Granite & Marble Depot has helped hundreds of homeowners with concerns like these. Our installation teams are fast and conscientious. Our family-owned and -operated business is fully insured for any possible infraction of this trust.


Offering Rapid Installations Since 1990

Our many years of experience in this industry have taught us several vital things. One of the foremost is the degree to which you value your time. You care that we’re able to get in and get out fast. We devote ourselves to your satisfaction and will always arrive and leave on your timetable. We are here at your convenience. You don’t accept anything less than that, and neither do we.

We Get Your Stonework Right the First Time

It’s tricky to move stonework, especially in a safe and controlled way. Fortunately for you, our installation workers are the real deal. Enjoy the confidence of having installation professionals bringing this upgrade to your home. You won’t need to worry about a loose fit or wobbly surface. We install things so well that you won’t need a follow-up appointment.

Enjoy Professional Services Today

It’s easy to be skeptical about our ability to move stone. When you’ve been in the business for as long as we have, however, moving stone becomes easy. You can rely on our ability to do our job with speed and precision.
Contact Granite & Marble Depot to get a new countertop installed today. You’ll find our services are faster and safer than you could ever perform on your own.
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